The Best of Samurai Novelist

Another month and this blog will be one year old. This is my 135th blog post. I have 72 followers, an average of about 6.6 visitors per day, with a record of 88 views in one day. Not the most impressive blog in the world. If this blog was a coffee shop, it would be out of business, but I have patronized coffee shops with less visitors than this and enjoyed the experience. I hope my visitors do too.

My most popular blog entry so far is the one titled Writer Do Nots with 18 likes and 74 views, followed by 10 Kinds of Plot Twists with 11 likes and 29 views.

The blog entries that got 10 likes were The Hook, Line and Sinker, Write What You Know, The Age of the Cyber Lynch Mob, Reminders to Myself, Ten Ways to Get Away with Murder, and Rules for the Second Draft (2).

The blog entries that got 9 likes were Back Story Blues, Writing Good Dialogue (1), Writing Good Dialogue (3), Building a Complex Villain, Analyzing the Opening Line, On Prejudice and Time, and Writing Too Much.

The worst blog entry is probably Basic Writing Stuff You Were Too Afraid to Ask which in spite of getting 145 views, got only 2 likes. The most viewed entry is Writing Exercise 2, which got 156 views but only 3 likes.

I was pretty proud of my ideas to combat writers block in Tricks to Overcome Stuckness series, but they were neither liked nor viewed very much. I still hope that some of my writing advice is helpful.

If you have time to read only two blog posts, I would suggest you read the most liked (Writer Do Nots) and the most viewed (Writing Exercise 2).

My daughter has suggested I employ search engine optimization to enhance the visibility of my blog. I still cannot understand the first thing about it, but I might try. I wish to have more than 6.6 visits per day. I started this blog after a vlog by Jenna Moreci convinced me to start writing a blog before even finishing my novel, so that it might help market the book once it gets published. A blog with 6.6 visitors a day does not sound like a big marketing tool to me. At this point, it is nothing more than fruitless diversion. I might as well be playing Call of Duty for what it’s worth.

But I will continue this blog, probably because I am an incurable romantic. What do you expect of a writer who has never published a work of fiction for forty years and still haven’t given up trying? I will see if I can write something more interesting by the first anniversary. Stay tuned.

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