The Five Stages of Internet Addiction

Stage 1.
You surf the web, because you have five minutes to kill and you think you might find something interesting.

Stage 2.
You find yourself looking at your smartphone during dinner time, reading Twitter in the toilet, link hopping on Tumblr at coffee break, checking up on Facebook while at work, looking up the access count of your WordPress account while driving, and watching YouTube all night in bed.

Stage 3.
You troll movie stars, criticize politicians, get banned from Facebook groups, rant on YouTube posts, make enemies through Google Plus, and collect death threats on Instagram.

Stage 4.
You realize that you have like-minded souls, eccentric compatriots, fellow weirdos, mentors in heresy, and disciples of  your own brand of subversion.

Stage 5.
Your eyes are opened to a whole new world of minority thoughts, fringe ideas, obscure books, over-analytical movie interpretations, mind-opening art appreciation, hallucinogenic music deconstruction, and un-dreamed-of inspiration.

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