Reminders to Myself

  1. Do not try to write “that bestseller novel”. Write a good 10 thousand volume seller.
  2. Your characters are not your alter ego. They do not have to look cool for you.
  3. You’ve been stuck before. You will be stuck again. It is not the end of the world and it is not a reason to discard your novel.
  4. It is the same 30,000 word wall as the last time.
  5. Don’t polish. Just write.
  6. Leave that plot bunny alone.
  7. No, you will not find inspiration on the internet.
  8. You have already read that how-to-write book.
  9. If you cannot write two thousand words today, write two hundred words. It will pile up.
  10. You are not too busy. You are not too tired. You are just too distracted.

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